Crew plays a huge role in your perfect cruising holidays.  Of course, this is optional and you can rent a boat without skipper, but  in this case you have to have license for reffered boat type that is valid in Croatia.

Even some of our guests have a permission, it's very useful to have a skipper as you can be more relaxed knowing someone else is taking care of the boat and your trip.

We are very selective about the boats, but also about human aspect - our crew.

We are very proud that we can offer you one of the best crew members in the Adriatic,  which means that all our crew members ( skippers, hostesses, chefs) are highly experienced, mostly university educated, with medical certificates and other licences that are necessary for working on boats, knowing the area very well, they will recommend you the best places, hidden bays, tours, restaurants, they are all fluent in English, most of them speak second foreign language (either Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese… ), we have few polyglot crew members who are fluent in more than 4 world languages,  so if you would like that a crew member speaks particular language just let us know.

Here you will find more about crew's responsabilities and job description.


Skipper is in charge of driving the boat and taking care of your safety. That is his main responsability. He is communicative, tolerant and patient with the guests, gives you advices about interesting places and routes.

He keeps the outside of the boat clean and take care of proper functioning of the vessel. (althouhg it's not his primarly job – on bigger boats there are other crew members-  deckhands and engieneers.)

 Please contact us for more details and prices.


Hostess responsibilities includes  communication between  guests and skipper all the time.

She will do all the provisioning for the boat, food and drinks, sometimes skipper can help her.

She will prepare you simple breakfast in the morning, light lunch later and some snacks, make coffee, cocktails, setting up the table and serve you drinks and food.

Dinners are usually out and she will recommend, help and book the restaurants for you.

She will be in charge of keeping interior area clean, mostly kitchen and dishes, salon and bathrooms. Crew doesn't enter in the cabins.

Please contact us for more details and prices.


Chef will prepare variety of delicious breakfasts and lunches, also desserts, snacks, etc. for guests and crew.

Dinner is usually also out, but if you have a chef, and don't want to eat out, you can have all three meals on board  (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

He will also do the provisioning for the boat. If there is no hostess, he will take care of kitchen area only.

Please contact us for more details and prices.


Nanny will take take care of your children mainly about their safety as children like to go around on the boat, she will care about their hygiene, sun protection and clothing, play with them, swim etc. and she will stay with them on board if you go out for dinner. She will not cook / clean.

Please contact us for more details and prices.


You have to think in advance to ensure one cabin with bathroom for crew members and all the crew members need to have a place for sleep. Also you pay for all the meals. Breakfast and lunch are on the boat and dinner (if there is no chef who prepares three meals) is out in the restaurants.

If you have more questions about the crew, please contact us.

                                                                                                             Sunset Yachting Croatia Team

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